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that teacher in the ladies school at

Gracehill. In Ballinderry they spent

10 useful and happy years; but also

their four oldest surviving children

were born; one little daughter being

taken from them by the Lord in early

infancy.   In 1826 they removed to

Cootehill, a congregation which had been

for some years without a Laborer, and

was in a very low condition, seeming

to require all the energy which health

and activity could supply. Here, as long

as his health permitted him, our dear

father labored cheerfully and in blessing.

An account which he draw up for him-

self of the various preaching places

he attended in the neighborhood, and

the success he met with in proclaim-

ing the joyful news of saluation, tes-

tifies to his activity. In the year

1 year after his arrival in Cootehill,

he visited 12 out-preaching places,

mostly once a fortnight, at an average

distance of 4 or 5 miles, and some

12 and even 17 miles from