1292090_Christer_AhlbergerChrister Ahlberger

Christer Ahlberger is Professor of History at the Department of Historical Studies, Gothenburg University and previous project co-director.



Katherine FaullFaullKatie400 (1)

Katherine Faull is Professor of German Studies and Comparative Humanities at the Department of Foreign Languages Programs, Bucknell University.

Cecilia Lindhé1569872_bild---cecilia-lindh--

Cecilia Lindhé is director of the Centre for Digital Humanities, Gothenburg University.

Michael McGuire

Michael is a computer programmer for digital humanities at Bucknell University. He is also  creating a linguistic corpus of the Moravian memoirs as part of a PhD dissertation at Indiana University. The research project involves a computational socio-linguistics analysis of gender and dialect variation.

1569867_bild---trausti-dagssonTrausti Dagsson

Trausti Dagsson is programmer and designer at the Centre for Digital Humanities, Gothenburg University.

Per von WachenfeldtPervonWachenfeldtw (1)

Per von Wachenfeldt is researcher in History.